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Fiber Optic Cables – Multimode & Singlemode

Custom Fiber Cables

Custom fiber optic cables and solutions are our specialty. RoHSThe ability to design, prototype , manufacture, and test world-class, cost-effective custom fiber optic products spans over a wide area. To begin with, we manufacture a complete range of high quality, custom fiber optic cables for all your high-speed network applications, Singlemode, Multimode, Simplex, and Duplex. Ask us for terminations using any of the following connectors: SC, ST, LC, MTP LC, MT-RJ, Toslink, SC/APC, FC, FC/APC, MTP, FDDI, Mini BNC, SMA, D4. Other applications: Panda-style PM fibers, Large diameter fibers both singlemode and multimode, Large Mode Area Fibers (LMA)  multicore fiber configurations, high birefringence configurations

fiber2Our fiber optic jumpers / pigtails are provided with the optimum fiber length, cable style, and polish specification for your application.  From the highest quality fiber cable and connectors, to advanced manufacturing processes, our main goal is to produce the best quality fiber cables and to ensure that you receive precisely the cable you need for your specific application.  In today's information age, your company's backbone is its Network. Without a stable, reliable network your company can't communicate. The immediate consequences of a network down and lack of connectivity are unhappy customers and loss of revenue. 

 Each cable is individually tested and certified to be within acceptable optical insertion loss limits. 



Common Configurations:

reddotST to ST or SC Multimode Cables
reddot SC to SC or FDDI Multimode Cables  
reddot ST, LC, SC Fiber Patch Cords
reddot FDDI Cables
reddot Biconic to Biconic or SC Cables
reddot MTP Gigabit Patchcords
reddot Laser speed 10GB Cables
reddot Large Core Specialty Cables
reddot D4 Cables
reddot E2000 to E2000, FC, SC, ST or LC Cables 

reddotLC Fiber Cables
reddot LC to Biconic or FC Cables
reddot MT-RJ Cables
reddot MU Fiber Cables 
reddot ST to SC Singlemode Cables
reddot ST to ST Singlemode Cables
reddot VF45 to LC, SC or VF45 Cables
reddot Thin Toslink to Miniplug Digital Audio Cable
reddot Fiber Optics Loopback Tester with LC Connector
reddot 50/125 Multimode LC-MT-RJ Fiber Cable 

Testing and certifying fiber optic cables

The parameters that need to be tested are as follows:

Attenuation (or decibel loss) - The decrease of signal strength as it travels through the fiber optic cable (Measured in dB/km).

Fiber Optic CableReturn loss - The amount of light reflected from the far end of the cable back to the source. The lower the number, the better.

Graded refractive index - Measures how much light is sent down the fiber cable.

Propagation delay - The time it takes the signal to travel from one point to another over a transmission channel.  

Time-domain reflectometry (TDR) - The transmission of high-frequency pulses onto a cable to examine the reflections and isolate faults.

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